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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motion Filed to hold New Orleans mayor in contempt

I love seeing articles like this from Of Arms and the Law.
BELLEVUE, WA – Frustrated by repeated failures to meet court-appointed deadlines, and a pattern of disregard by the City of New Orleans, the Second Amendment Foundation has filed a motion to hold Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent Warren Riley in contempt of federal court.

“Mayor Nagin, Chief Riley and the city’s attorney have repeatedly failed to communicate with our legal counsel, even for the most trivial of matters related to this lawsuit,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. “We were prepared to file this motion months ago, but gave the city several opportunities to comply with the court, and to begin returning seized firearms to their rightful owners. They haven’t done it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ray Nagin is a jackass. That the citizens of NO are so naive to continually re-elect him after his demonstrated inability to lead or administer is a sad state of affairs. Its a damm shame that these lawsuits to return these firearms to the citizens are being brought by agencies outside of New Orleans instead of by the affected people of that city.

Make sure to read the whole thing.

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